Our Story

Laser Engraving-Cutting / Fine Art & Multi-Media Printing / Graphic Design / Branding / Illustration…Makers of cool things...Made in MD

Eric Gregory / Artist

Eric has been working as an artist and illustrator for the past 20+ years. He splits his time between that and tattooing, which he’s also been doing for over 20 years. He’s always got a handful of awesome projects in the works, check him out at www.tatmaker.com

Erin Stevenson / Artist / Designer

Erin has an background in graphic design and print production, and has been working in packaging design for 10+ years. She also works as a graphic designer and creates anything from catalogs and magazine ads to marketing goods. As a huge animal lover, she creates custom pet portraits, check her out at www.ErinStevensonArtist.com

Together, we’d often find ourselves spending free time drawing and creating. It was then that we decided to combine our artistic backgrounds, along with other mediums, and get into fine art printing and laser engraving... so Laserworm was created.

We offer fine art printing, multi-media printing and laser engraving. We also offer fine art services and graphic design. We like to stay creative and are always happy to try new things. If you have any questions or need help with any projects, just let us know!